Track expenses effortlessly

Automate expenses, approvals and reimbursement

Empty your drawers full of receipts and reduce paperwork by automating the entire expense tracking process.

Track Mileage

Track mileage easily and accurately for quick reimbursements.

Expense Approvals

Set up custom approval-flows that fit your company’s structure.

QuickBooks Integration

Avoid dual data entry. Seamlessly import customers, project, employees, and other data from QuickBooks.

Scan Receipts

Scan receipts and turn them into expense entries.

Billable Expenses

Mark expenses as billable to be later applied to invoices.

Rules & Policies

You can set rules to require receipts for purchases or add spending limits.

Add Attendees

Add attendees on expenses to track group spend and split costs across departments.

Credit Card Integration

Manage business expenditures made through a wide range of company card types.


Capture receipts with your smartphone and upload them. Add expenses, create and submit reports on the go in seconds. 

Time and Expense Tracking in one.

Add time to your expense tracking with ease. All your timesheet and expense data stays together for easy and accurate payroll and invoicing.

What's Next?

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