Time Tracking For

Law Firms

Making time tracking better, more pleasant, and more productive for law firms

Are you finding it hard to track time for

multiple clients on multiple matters?

With TimeRewards, maintain compliance and adhere to industry best practices. TimeRewards time and expense tracking solution improves the productivity of the workplace by eliminating dual data entry and integrating seamlessly with the apps you already use and love.

Maximize Billable Time and Profits

Reconstructing the working hours at a later date can result in inaccurate entries and missed billable time. TimeRewards lets you track everything that goes on in your business and makes sure no minute is left out.


  • Monitor the progress on different matters.

  • Prioritize the tasks.

  • Estimate the time for matter completion.

  • Analyze how profitable a client is for your firm.

Run Multiple Timers - Reduce Leakage

With TimeRewards there is no more billable hours slipping through the cracks. Minimize the gap between the work done and entry of time recorded:


  • Start a single timer or work with multiple timers as you switch between matters.

  • Create new timers from completed time entries. 

  • Customize timer to match your company policy. 

Focus on Client Service 

TimeRewards helps you to effortlessly track your time without hindering your workflow. Attorneys can save time on time entries and be more focused on real work.

Complete Solution

TimeRewards is everything you need to manage your legal business. You can:

  • track time and expenses for matters, 

  • track retainers and additional services,

  • control access to matters by individual or role,

  • pre-loaded with LEDES activity codes,

  • verify timesheets for conflicts.

 It empowers decision-makers with visibility and insight into the business.

Anytime, anywhere access

Many times attorneys need to work away from their desks and outside their offices. With cloud time-tracking, attorneys have the freedom to work anywhere — whether at home, at your desk, or on the go. Our online software is optimized to work on all your devices. So go on, get in the cloud!

Reduced Administrative Costs

With TimeRewards, law firms can leverage the power of cloud software technology to improve operational efficiency and create measurable value for employees and customers.

  • Optimize the time and expense tracking process so that employees are more productive.

  • Automated workflow system that reduces error and increases efficiency.

  • 1-click invoice process creates professional looking customized invoices with a single click.

"We grew exponentially from 40 employees to 120 employees without adding administrative costs" - Ritika Bawa, VCA

What's Next?

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