Time Tracking For

Accounting Firms

Making time tracking better, more pleasant, and more productive for accountants.

With TimeRewards, maintain compliance and adhere to industry best practices. TimeRewards time and expense tracking solution improves the productivity of the workplace by eliminating dual data entry and integrating seamlessly with the apps you already use and love.

Maximize Billable Time

Don't let billable time fall through the cracks. TimeRewards lets you track everything that goes on in your business to make sure no minute is left out. Plus TimeRewards setup and forget model saves you countless hours fixing, approving, and invoicing time.  

"We reduced time spent on payroll and invoicing by a couple of hours every week" - John Pask, Motion HR

Run Multiple Timers 

TimeRewards timers are an easy and effective way to enter time entries: 

  • Start a single timer or work with multiple timers as you switch between tasks.

  • Create new timers from completed time entries. 

  • Customize timer to match your company policy. 

Reduce Errors

TimeRewards allows you to set up rules to avoid errors in timesheet and expense entries:


  • Role-based access and permissions.

  • Verify conflicts before submitting time for approval.

  • Automatically flag time as billable and assign class and payroll items based on predefined rules.

1-Click Invoicing

TimeRewards lets you streamline your time tracking and setup billing rates so that invoicing is a breeze. Create invoices linked to your project's tasks, deliverables, and milestones with 1-Click.


  • Automatically generate invoices for work done on projects. Include time and expenses on a single invoice or split it as required. You have complete control.

  • Roll-up, mark up, or mark down invoices as required.

  • Total flexibility in billing rates to match any situation.

TimeRewards is equipped with a 360-degree solution to help you transition to Value Pricing.

Enjoy the benefits of predictable recurring revenue, a greater insight into future work, happier clients, and a firm that is future ready!

Rewards for you

and your clients

Easily install and maintain TimeRewards for your clients using QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Get 20% revenue share for each client you onboard.

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