The advanced DCAA compliant Time and Expense software for government contractors.

If you're a professional service firm working with the government, you will require more than a timesheet to do business.

With TimeRewards, you get a single place to integrate, manage and secure all of the entries and processes — all while maintaining DCAA compliance and adherence to industry standards. And by integrating seamlessly with the apps you already know and love, TimeRewards provides a single, secure time and expense tracking solution to empower the automated workplace.

1-Click DCAA Compliance

As a government contractor, you must comply with DCAA requirements. TimeRewards lets you enforce DCAA compliance with just a single click. 


  • Send daily reminders to fill timesheets

  • Send timesheet changed notification

  • Require comments for timesheet changes

  • Require Employees to sign timesheet

  • Require Approvers to sign timesheets

  • Generate Audit Trails

  • And more...

What's Next?

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