Powerful Invoicing

Save time and reduce errors!

1-Click Invoicing

Create and send professional, personalized invoices with just a click. 


  • Don’t let billing opportunities fall through the crack - approved time, expenses, and billing events automatically queue up ready to be invoiced. 

  • A single click will convert all pending transactions into invoice based on client preferences helping you save a lot of time.

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Flexible billing rates

  • Bill by employee, project, task, or special rates, we have it covered!

  • Ability to change billing rates and rules based on customer'requirement.

Customizable invoice templates

  • Choose an invoice template from our list and give it a personal touch. TimeRewards lets you create your invoices to fit your and your customer's needs.

  • Personalize with a header, footer, logo, fields, layout to create the invoice you need.

  • Combine time and expense on the same invoice.

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Different project types

Choose the project type you need:

  • internal

  • hourly

  • fixed or recurring

  • milestone or phased

  • value pricing

and more...

QuickBooks Integration

Send over invoices that have been created in TimeRewards to Quickbooks with just a click.

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What's Next?

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