Time Tracking Software That Works With Quickbooks

Avoid dual data entry, become more productive with QuickBooks integration for TimeRewards.

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Payroll Items

TimeRewards works with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop (Windows version) for effortless accounting.

Stress-free Payroll

  • Send timesheets to QuickBooks for payroll with a single click.

  • Automatically apply correct payroll items for regular time, overtime, double overtime and time off.

  • Ensure accurate payroll by setting up rules and preferences to avoid online timesheet entry mistakes.

  • Let TimeRewards chase down timesheets to help you complete your payroll on time.

Accurate Invoicing

  • If you invoice from QuickBooks, TimeRewards will send over timesheets and expenses that will show up as pending invoice in QuickBooks.

  • If QuickBooks invoicing does not meet your requirements, use TimeRewards advanced invoicing function and then send invoices to QuickBooks.

Easy Expense Reimbursements

  • Create expense reimbursement checks or vendor bills in QuickBooks for all reimbursable expenses.

  • Setup rules and preferences to avoid expense entry mistakes.

Tip: When you send expenses to QuickBooks, you can add Employee Name, Expense Date, and Merchant details to the expense description. This can then be included in invoices, checks, and bills generated by QuickBooks.

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  • Sign in to your QuickBooks Account.

  • Sync with TimeRewards with a click and start processing time.

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