Time Tracking Software That Works With BambooHR

If you track employee time for projects, you need TimeRewards.

If you have employees, we strongly recommend you have BambooHR.

Import from BambooHR


Time Off

Export to BambooHR


Time Off

Keep everything in sync

All your time and employee data stays together.

The TimeRewards and BambooHR integration lets you run your organization like a well-oiled machine, where employees are happy, you never enter data twice, and you have all the tools you need to reduce payroll errors and save time, a lot of time.

Stree-free payroll

Streamline payroll processes with the TimeRewards and BambooHR integration 

When it's time to run payroll, sending approved employee hours from TimeRewards to BambooHR is a breeze. No more manual data entries and no more costly payroll mistakes. With accurate data that’s always up-to-date, you’ll save yourself significant time and money.

Single Sign On

Save yourself from having to memorize passwords. Simply use your BambooHR login credentials to access TimeRewards and be more productive.

Getting started is easy

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See how TimeRewards and BambooHR work together to enhance your experience tracking time and managing HR.

What's Next?

Get instant access to all the TimeRewards features for 30 days. Unlimited users, no obligation and easy upgrade when you're ready.